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Tegrity Campus 2.0 allows users to fully capture every aspect of class, digitize it, and make it available for personal consumption at any time. Through the utilization of several tools, students can have access to video, audio, and notes and download them via the internet for use on their computer or mobile device.

These tools include the Digital Pen and Notes which allow users, with special Tegrity pens and pads, to take notes as they normally would but be able to upload them upon completion for others to use. The Automatic Class Capture allows instructors to simply press a ‘Record’ button then go about their lesson as they normally would. The recording is automatically uploaded later at night with no additional work required. Search and retrieval software allow for fast and efficient indexing and locating of information if students need only a part of the notes or lecture. The instructor can also use several hardware devices which will allow them to incorporate visuals (digital or physical) into the class recording as well.

Tegrity Campus 2.0

Last Updated ( Thursday, 26 July 2007 )
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