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12-10-07 Weekly Recap PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 09 December 2007

Scott Janousek takes a look at the new iRiver W7 Personal Media Player with support for Flash Lite 2. It is unkown whether or not it will be available outside of Korea, but this could be an option for mobile learning in schools that do not allow cellphones. It supports: video, e-dictionary, movies, e-books, touch & jog, Flash (games), and more.

Not specifically about learning, but interesting is the launch of the World's first 'newspaper' mobile by Sweden's Dagens Nyheter. The service uses the Nokia 6120 3G phone.

All About Mobile Life includes a QR Code DIY Guide mainly for blogs, but of interest to all looking at these mobile redirection codes.

John Puterbaugh unveils his 2008 predictions in Mobile 2.0 and Emerging Mobile Media.

Video overviews about the iPod in academia with seven different examples are detailed are highlighted at mLearning-World.com.

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