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Monday, 21 January 2008

Motivating Active Participation of Primary Schoolchildren in Digital Online Technologies for Creative Opportunities through Multimedia

The main objectives of eMapps.com are:

  • to build communities of creative, networking children in the NMS, generating their own cultural content and communicating with peer groups in other countries;
  • to contribute to the growth of a community of teachers who are aware of the potential for change through ‘schools without walls’ and who exchange knowledge and experience through communication with counterparts in other NMS countries;
  • to develop adaptable interactive tools (primarily games played on a mobile platform) with which to deliver learning objectives and which help to integrate the use of ICT in the delivery of the school curriculum;
  • to establish processes and facilities for teachers and children to access relevant digital content available through a variety of sources while playing the eMapps.com games - and to make the multilingual and multicultural local content created during the games to be shared and repurposed for use in the wider eLearning context of schools and children in NMS; [see site for remainder]

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