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Dynamic LearnSpace for K-12 Education, Studywiz Spark, Syncs with iPhone, iPod and iPod touch PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

 - Studywiz Spark enables learning outside the classroom through mobile device compatibility -

Studywiz Spark, the first and only Dynamic LearnSpace for K-12 education, enhances mobile learning through iPhone, iPod and iPod touch customization. Studywiz Spark is the first to customize its online learning management system specifically for the iPhone, iPod and iPod touch. Through Studywiz Spark's mobile device compatibility, teachers, students and parents can access its multimedia capabilities from any place, at any time. With Studywiz Spark, teachers and students are able to engage in online learning even outside the classroom.

"Schools are now beginning to integrate new mobile technologies into their learning strategies. The mobile version of Studywiz Spark has specifically customized the Dynamic LearnSpace for leading devices like the iPhone, iPod and iTouch," said Bob Longo, Etech, Executive Vice President of North America. "Studywiz Spark's mobile approach simplifies and sensibly adapts to the value of these exciting devices, which promotes active learning and extends the 21st Century learning environment beyond traditional classroom walls."

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