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Monday, 25 February 2008
 21st Century Mobile learning becomes reality for learners in the City of Wolverhampton

Many educationalists have come to the view that in order for learners to engage with their education in the 21st Century, they need to have greater access to the technology that is now embedded into their every day lives. The young learners currently starting school  are among the first learners who were born in the 21st century. They are learners born into a world where mobile devices, games consoles, the internet, interactive TV and constant 24-7 multimedia are common place. How will our current educational system respond to this change in our way of life?

Put quite simply, if learners are to use the power of the internet and all of the content and authoring tools that are now available, they need access to a device at a time of their choosing and driven by their learning needs. This is far from the case, given the “traditional” desktop PC route that has been the favourite of ICT experts up to now.

Enter mobile devices….. With the current sophistication of devices with Wireless internet connectivity, built in digital cameras (Video and Still) and high resolution screen and good battery life…. Current handheld computers are offering a potential solution.

A large number of projects are underway exploring the potential of these devices…

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