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Think Before You Ban: A Handheld Is a Powerful Learning Tool PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 05 May 2008

When many teachers encounter technology that could be disruptive to class, their first reaction is to simply ban it from the classroom. However, cell phones and smartphones can also be used as learning tools, writes Studywiz Spark Executive VP Bob Longo. Policies regarding handhelds and cell phones should focus on appropriate use policies, not out-and-out bans.

It's official: in New York City public schools there is now a ban on cell phone use. We can all understand how that might happen. As with any communication device, abuse does occur.

But simultaneously, there is a wave of interest in education in 1:1 learning initiatives (supplying one laptop to every child), meaning that educators believe in the learning benefits of one laptop for each student.

Does this leave the technology world scratching its head? From QWERTY keyboards on handheld devices to Internet browsing on cell phones to access from virtually anywhere on the globe, the trend is convergence. PCs and cell phones are becoming so similar in functionality that they are often lumped into the same category.

Change is coming -- and it's coming in various form factors including handheld devices like phones, PDAs and ultra-mobiles.

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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 06 May 2008 )
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