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Graduates Missing a Trick by Not Including Mobile Communication Skills on CVs PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Research commissioned by T-Mobile UK has revealed that most graduates possess strong mobile communication skills which are of considerable value to SMEs, and yet many are omitting this information from their CVs.

The T-Mobile poll of 500 SME employers and 500 graduates and students carried out by YouGov found that mobile technology skills in the workplace are in high demand, with 51% of employers valuing new staff being able to quickly adopt mobile technology and work effectively from remote locations. An additional 48% of employers believe that graduates with proven skills and experience of using laptops and mobile technology such as mobile broadband, PDAs and Smartphones, are extremely valuable to their businesses.

Most students (78%) stated they have the technical aptitude to be able to work effectively out of the office if and when required once employed. However, the study also discovered that 84% have not included any information regarding their mobile communication skills on their CVs, indicating that graduates are not selling their skills effectively.

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