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iPhones invade college campuses, but will they replace the student ID? PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

ImageUniversity campuses have gotten smaller, not in terms of physical layout, but in the time it takes to reach out to a student. Land line telephones are old news as students are tethered to their cell phone. The challenge for many college administrators today is how can they put that cell phone to work for both students and the college.

In the wake of tragedies at universities around the country many have deployed emergency alert systems that text or email students if there’s a problem on campus. But there are other ways to take advantage of the mobile device that may be seen as “cooler.” And if you’re going to dive into this area, why not do it with one of the most popular phones around, at least for the college-age student, the iPhone. It has even led to the development of a cottage industry of applications, anything from help in managing finances to tracking where the stimulus dollars are being spent and how they’re being used.

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