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Teacher buys iPod Touches for English class PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

ImageMaureen Lindell may change that. A pilot program funded with a $6,500 grant from the Eastchester School Foundation has allowed her to purchase 20 iPod Touches for students in her Eastchester High School English classes and put the students to work in a medium they understand better than any other.

"We live in a (technological) world where we're just visitors," Lindell said. "Our kids live in this world. It's more comfortable for them."

Lindell loaded the silver, hand-sized wireless Internet devices with applications with direct links to educational uses, including online dictionaries, Shakespeare plays and research Web sites. Unlike computers, they don't have a lot of software the students won't use in class and have the advantage of being small, light and easily stored, unlike, say, a set of encyclopedias.

On Tuesday, Lindell passed them out to students in her second- and sixth-period honors classes. It took the 55 students in the two classes mere minutes to log onto the district's closed server and begin posting answers to a question typed on the classroom Smart Board using their texting skills to toss ideas up for their classmates to see.

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