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Mentor InterActive Releases My Virtual Tutor - Reading for Nintendo DSTM PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Mentor InterActive has released My Virtual Tutor - Reading, an interactive game that improves children`s reading and comprehension skills. The product, which will be exclusively available for Nintendo DS, offers a new use for the popular system that makes learning to read fun, affordable, and portable. My Virtual Tutor - Reading gives moms and dads effective solution to aid children in learning to read on a system they already love.

Derived from a teaching system and proprietary software developed by faculty from the University of Colorado`s Center for Spoken Language Research, My Virtual Tutor - Reading lets children practice reading skills on Nintendo DS through interactive books, fun reading and word exercises and quizzes that allow the child to earn a prize. The child holds the DS vertically like a book and is guided through the different game modes by an animated tutor that reads, repeats and provides encouraging words.

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