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Serebra Announces Mobile Learning as Its Next Generation of E-Learning PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Ted Moorhouse, the Chairman and CEO of Serebra Learning Corporation, a leading e-learning solutions provider, this week outlined his vision for future access to Serebra courseware by way of both mobile and PC devices, while committing to work with the e-learning industry to evolve courseware, learning management systems and related applications to achieve that vision for customers.

In 2003, Serebra began its focus on what is now easyLearning (www.easylearning.org), and that has been the better part of Serebra’s revenues ever since. In 2007, Serebra created Serebra Connect (www.serebraconnect.com), a micro-task outsourcing application that gives easyLearning further standing and significance in developing nations.

This week, speaking at several industry seminars, Moorhouse announced that the future of Serebra will include a significant degree of mobile learning, or m-learning.

“Mobile learning is the next big step for learning,” said Moorhouse. “Using a variety of smartphones, people all over the world have developed nothing short of an emotional connection to the hand-held devices. To their users, smartphones are highly personal lifelines that allow them to stay connected. But staying connected means more than just voice-based communication. Smartphone users just won’t leave home without them, and they are penetrating all corners of the globe from the largest bank to the smallest and most impoverished village.”

The smartphone, in just one appliance, is a phone, an e-mail device, a calendar, a camera, a photo album, a music player, an address book, an Internet browser and an alarm clock. Now, the smartphone is poised to be an educator.

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