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Emantras Announces The Launch Of Mobl21 A New Mobile Learning Platform PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Emantras, an innovative digital education company has launched Mobl21, a platform designed to make mobile education highly accessible and meaningful. The mobile phone is no longer a simple voice communication tool and “mobility” in education no longer just about a single device.  Mobl21 untethers learning and provides a unique opportunity to compliment existing learning methods. 

Mobl21 democratizes mobile education – it is accessible enough for individual teachers and students to adopt, and scalable enough for institutional and enterprise adoption. The unique pedagogy of Mobl21 helps create learning assets (of various media types) that compliment your formal courses, extending the learning opportunity beyond traditional barriers, Manage your content eco-system by making it accessible to users and groups, and publish content for “global accessibility” - to the desktop, social platforms, and to an iPhone / iPod Touch.

Speaking about Mobl21, Sesh Kumar, Founder & CEO, Emantras said, “We are proud to be releasing Mobl21, a product that truly delivers significant value to the learning eco-system and truly makes mobile learning accessible to a global audience.  The value of mobile education is truly derived when it can be adopted across the board and can lend significant value to existing methods of learning – we believe Mobl21 does all these things and more.”

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