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SAT Remix, the Only SAT Vocabulary Prep for Any Mobile Phone, Launched After Positive Pilot Results PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Having successfully completed piloting SAT Remix in local schools, proving it improves students’ results on vocabulary tests, Urban Planet Mobile releases SAT Remix, audio vocabulary SAT prep lessons delivered daily as a text message to any mobile phone, for purchase directly from their site: www.SATremix.com.

The results of the pilot were overwhelmingly positive. After a month of SAT Remix mobile lessons students increased scores on vocabulary tests by 100%. With SAT Remix, students receive an automatic daily text (7pm EST), so they don’t have to remember to do anything. They access the audio lesson by clicking the link within the text. They listen to the SAT Word of the day, the definition and two example/contextual sentences, all set to music and beats. The lessons are approximately 2 minutes long. By listening to their cell phone for 2 minutes a day, on the mobile they already carry, students can double their vocabulary scores.

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