Smart phones in class gain attention
Friday, 05 March 2010

Imagine a classroom where playing with an iPod, using the Internet and tweeting is encouraged.

In a corner of Moody Garden Level, a series of lectures took place Wednesday and Thursday that encouraged such practices.

This series of lectures, known as The Educause Learning Initiative Spring Online Focus Session, was broadcasted to a number of universities throughout the world.

Audience members from both Baylor and McLenan Community College tweeted and texted on their iPhones, not because they were an unruly lot but because it was part of the experience.

"We wanted to have a setting that looked like the environment they were going for," Dr. W. Gardner Campbell, director of the academy for teaching and learning, said.

Through Educause, a nonprofit educational organization, Baylor participated in an international dialogue with such schools as Duke, Stanford, University of Florida, The University of Hong Kong, and many other higher institutions of learning.

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